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Your business profile is either attracting or repelling customers. Customer reviews make the difference.
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Attract Customers

People use reviews and testimonials from other customers to help decide where to take their business. A business with a solid rating and authentic testimonials will typically attract more customers. Owany makes asking for reviews a simple addition to any sales process, and ensures that the most positive ones make it to sites that matter, like Google, Facebook and Yelp. Not only that, but more reviews means that you'll come up higher in Google search results.

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"In the two-week pilot we did at our first store, we collected 13 positive reviews and our online rating went from 2.79 out of 5 stars to 3.3 out of 5 stars (an increase of over 18%). Needless to say we've since rolled out the program to all of our stores."
- Jon Gadbois, Furniture and Appliance Mart

Empower Reviewers

Owany's simple process lets your customer review your business before they even leave. By asking for reviews through a mobile platform, you can empower your staff to ask for reviews more effectively, and empower your clientele by putting a review site right in front of them - eliminating the need to ask them to look up your business when they get home.

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"I have been pleased with the results that Owany has done for our two Olinde’s Furniture, our seven Ashley Furniture HomeStore, and our three Olinde’s Mattress Superstore. It is easy to use and our customers are happy to provide us with valuable feedback! With online social media being what it is today, positive online reviews is important to our business’ success. I would recommend Owany to any furniture retailer."
- Andrew Olinde, Jr., Olinde's Furniture

Make a Second First Impression

Don't let someone leave your business with a bad taste in their mouth. If customers aren't happy with how you did, Owany gives you a chance to make it right before a negative review is left publicly. This means more opportunities for you to provide awesome service, and more opportunities for customers to give you great feedback on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Win win.

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"Owany has given us a simple program to easily facilitate prompting our guests to leave an online review of our business. We are pleased with early success of using Owany."
- Chad Van Hill, Van Hill Furniture

Gain Insights

See what works and what doesn't with Owany's easy to use reporting system. We'll tell you how many surveys you've sent, your average review score, and which of your employees are getting the highest quantity and quality of reviews. We even let you see stats for each specific location you have.

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Personalize For Your Business

Not all businesses communicate with their customers the same way, and we don't expect you to either. With Owany, you can tailor all wording to match the tone of your business, whether thats wild and fun, or clean and professional.

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How to ask for online reviews

Use Owany to equip your team to be more successful when asking for online reviews. Here are some ideas and tips for asking for online reviews

Online reviews drive business

Having good online profile with honest positive reviews will drive more customers to your business. Read more about how online reviews impact your business.